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The Writing System;

Daniel and Judith Graham, Ph.D. (Preview Press: 2002) Hardback ISBN 0-9644495-7-9 $50

This 304-page workbook teaches a system of thirteen steps and forty-three techniques to help professionals write better quality documents faster. The book targets practical, task-oriented professionals who have mastered their discipline and now seek ways to improve their written communication. Professionals use this self-study workbook for training and reference. You find thoughtful answers to exercises in Appendix A. Other appendices address writing challenges such as Long Documents and English as a Second Language.


In-house Curriculum and Instructors

Graham Associates develops and licenses writing curriculum for companies who want to train their in-house instructors.


Long distance and

Graham Associates travels to client sites throughout the world and also delivers courses by video conferencing and various Internet platforms.

  • Technical Writing

    Engineers, scientists, and other technical professionals learn how to write effectively and efficiently using concrete techniques applied in a step-by-step process. They learn to write longer and more complex documents such as reports, requirements, general and detailed designs, manuals, policy documents, articles, and reviews. We work with the participants' documents to tailor the instruction and apply the techniques to their particular writing challenges. They improve their ability to

    • write to different, even multiple audiences
    • write as an expert to the non-expert
    • write more quickly, often 40% more quickly
    • organize complex subject matter
    • edit for clarity -- one interpretation
    • edit for conciseness
    • ensure the quality of their document
    • collaborate with other authors

  • Business Writing

    Professionals and support staff learn how to produce successful letters, memos,email, and other short business documents quickly by systematically applying specific techniques. They improve their ability to

    • get to the point
    • keep the message short and simple
    • use specific detail
    • write persuasively
    • choose the best tone
    • use correct word choice, grammar, and punctuation
    • develop models for letters, memos, reports, and other business formats


  • Practical Grammar and Proofreading

    Everyone can benefit from this practical review of English grammar: parts of speech, sentence structure, and punctuation. Participants improve their ability to

    • identify and use parts of speech correctly
    • write complete, clear sentences
    • avoid common sentence faults
    • use punctuation marks correctly
    • recognize common punctuation errors


  • Editing and Reviewing the Writing of Others

    Managers learn proven techniques to find flaws in writing. More importantly, they learn to transfer editing skills to the staff, instead of spending their own time re-writing. They also learn an objective means to score another's writing, giving the manager the tool to evaluate another's progress. Specifically, managers learn proven techniques to answer these six questions:

    • Does the document get to the point?
    • Can the reader follow the logic?
    • Can the reader misinterpret any sentence?
    • Do extra words distract and obscure?
    • Are sentences as short and simple as possible?
    • Does the document follow standards?


  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

    We deliver ESL versions of our writing skills courses in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and Poland. Approximately 20% of their students in the United States speak English as a Second Language. Our courses help ESL professionals solve the most common problems when writing in American English:

    • paragraph structure
    • sentence length
    • punctuation basics
    • American tone for correspondence and formal documents
    • articles
    • verbs
    • prepositions and English idioms
    • possession
    • obsolete rules and other misconceptions
    • American-British controversies


  • Writing Coaching

    Using participant writing samples, we provide intense one-on-one instruction. We teach proven techniques to solve specific writing problems. With thousands of hours' experience as writing coaches, we transfer those skills that get the writer the most immediate and greatest improvement. We can provide coaching services by long distance by means of NetMeetingĀ®.

  • Preparing to Publish

    Professionals learn how to write and publish conference papers, professional journal papers, and trade publication articles. They improve their ability to

    • decide what to publish and where
    • tailor writing to a target publication
    • produce a successful abstract, introduction, body, and conclusion
    • submit the manuscript for publication and respond to reviewers' suggestions


  • Proposal Writing

    Participants learn how to write a winning proposal while reducing contract risk. The techniques help you produce proposals that persuade, have one voice, and reduce contract risk Participants learn to

    • use a process to meet rigid deadlines
    • identify the requirements in the RFP
    • follow proposal instructions for compliance
    • deconstruct requirements into topics
    • use storyboard technique to organize complex material
    • write persuasive themes
    • manage the expectations of the client
    • use a modular layout to integrate text and graphics
    • edit for clarity to reduce contract risk
  • Large Documentation Project Management

    Managers learn to use the writing system with project management tools to reduce the cost and risk of large documentation efforts. Managers learn how to

    • determine the scope and bid writing projects
    • use the writing system analytical techniques to help manage client expectations
    • assign writing tasks
    • plan and track the tasks to meet deadlines
    • speed up the writing process
    • ensure quality deliverables
    • build a team of writers
    • guide collaborative writing projects
    • give constructive guidance to team members

Writing Seminars for All Your Needs


Can Do Writing

In all offerings, we teach a writing system with clearly defined steps and concrete, easy-to-use techniques. By using a system, writers get better results in less time. Our success with engineers, scientists, and financial analysts proves that our approach is logical, concrete, and practical. We can customize our curriculum to meet your specific writing training needs.

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