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Resources for the Business and Technical Writer


Handbook of Technical Writing -- Seventh Edition

by Alred, Brusaw, and Oliu.

2003, St. Martin's, New York

Hardback ISBN 0312309236 $38.95


Organized alphabetically, this desk reference is easy to use, especially for word choice, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Buy the hardback: you'll break the spine of a paperback. Amazon discounts the hardback.


Recommended Microsoft Word Settings--don't let your software work against you.


Proofreader Marks--use standard marks to improve coordination.


The Elements of Style

by Strunk and White


The venerable little book is online at in a slightly updated version. Browse through some of Bartelby's other desk reference materials as well.


The Government Printing Office (GPO) Style Manual

Pick a style manual according to your discipline or publication. Business and technical writers can usually rely on the GPO Style Manual, and it's free on the web.


Dave's ESL Cafe

Dave's website has many useful tips and links when English is your second language or if you write for an international audience.

This website has useful tools such as the 100 Most Commonly Misspelled Words and the 100 most commonly Mispronounced Words, plus many interesting articles for those interested in language.


Guide to Grammar

This website offers a thorough grammar tutorial with 174 quizzes. The site also serves as a portal to other useful sites. Information about writing process is generic.